Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chris Ofili Elephant Dung Pumps (WTF Wednesday)

Ok normally I showcase crazy looking I'm gonna showcase some ART.... crazy looking art of course!

These shoes were design by Chris Ofili London-based artist, he is known for working with top companies and his outrageous designs. Ofili's latest creations are a pair of 10 inch heels w/elephant dung platform sole. Yes Girl read correctly elephant dung (feces,do-do,shit, you get it ). Don't worry these shoes are not made for walking just for looking! There are on display at the Tate Britain and the name of this lovely piece of art “Anything Goes When it Comes To (S)Hoes” a line from The Big Daddy Kane song “Pimpin Ain’t Easy”.

I guess when people say these shoes are the shit know they anit bullshittin! ok i'm done.

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