Monday, August 22, 2011

Ricky Trendy Birthday Celebration 8/20/2011

When you think of Connecticut the words UCONN, insurance, and scenery use to be the only words that would come to mind.  Now with fashion forward celebrity stylist Ricky 'Trendy' DaVista the word FASHION can now be added to the list.  I have been ubber excited for weeks about Ricky Trendy's Birthday Celebration and Toast to Success party which took place last night at Sanctuary nightclub in downtown Hartford.  My excitement stemmed from what I knew would be CT's own Fashion Night Out.  You see Ricky Trendy not only brings the best style to his clients but inspires those around him to put their best fashion foot forward.

So true to form I went to the event to Shoe Stalk and post pictures of the stylish men and women from the night.  I know I didn't capture all of the hot shoes last night but I think I got a decent amount.  The pics below in the post are a mixture of my favorite looks and/or shoes of the night and some random pics I liked.  More pics for your viewing pleasure can be found in the slideshow (pics can also be found on the Shoe Bytch Facebook page don't forget to hit the 'Like' button).

P.S. Please excuse the blurriness of some of the pics : /

Ricky and Guest looking Fab

Custom Tyre Banks worn by 'Ricky Trendy'

I spy Kandee's, Versace's, and Louboutin's : )

Photo courtesy of Nightseen Photography
The above Finsk gravity defying booties are by far the baddest shoes of the night!  
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Perfect...dresses, shoes, my opinion you ladies nailed it!

Can you tell these wedges are my fav shoes of the night yet?  : )

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