Friday, August 5, 2011

Kandee Shoes NYC Launch Party - August 2, 2011

Sorry guys it's been such a hectic week: I feel like I haven't blogged in forever!!!  One of the things keeping me busy was attending the U.S. launch of Kandee Shoes (the latest rage out of the UK) at the London Candy Company (94th & Lexington) this past week in New York.

At the event I had the chance to meet the young talented and oh so adorable designer / creator of Kandee Shoes himself Josh Wayman.  Also in attendance were 21 pieces of Josh's 2011 A/W collection that were 1.5 years in the making; set to be available for worldwide purchase next week (8/11/2011) on or  You can also find Kandee Shoes on and Twitter @KandeeShoes.  Kandee Shoes are made with great quality yet are truly affordable to the every day fashionista.  A little birdie even told me that Josh may be coming out with a handbag collection soon as well.

The collection was filled with spikes, studs, glitter, and animal print; basically everything a woman needs to morph into her inner Shoe Bytch. Though all the shoes haven't been officially named yet we can look forward to yummy candy themed names inspired by tastes, smells, and even candy wrappers from Josh's childhood.

I took pics, chatted, and got a wee bit tipsy on what had to be two swallows of my first taste of Gin *note to self NEVER drink Gin again and eat before you go out silly girl*! So enjoy the pics and share your thoughts.

Remember the woman who wears Kandee Shoes is her own woman, confident, and in Josh's words "doesn't give a Sod what others think about her"!

Keep empowering women through your bold, edgy, and sexy designs Josh...we love you!

Glitter even on the cute

The AZK Group (wearing 'Mash-A-Mallow' and 'Peanut Crunch'

View more pictures below in the slideshow:

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  1. Gotta love Kandee!! Can't wait for the A/W collection!

    xo Ashleigh