Friday, July 27, 2012

Nicholas Kirkwood Feather-Trim Suede Bootie

Dear Kirk....Can I call you Kirk?...good,

Your feather trimmed booties from your Fall 2012 collection take my breath was love at first sight.  When I saw them I instantly thought of my shoe fairy Godmother (Carrie Bradshaw of course...duhhh) and she said in her whimsical and sultry way..."HELLO LOVER".  For those who say the feathers are "a bit much"...I say "Live a little and grow some balls" because these boots are absolutely gorg.

Shoe retailed at $1,390 and available online at Bergdorf Goodman.

Nicholas Kirkwood ankle boot takes the season's coveted navy color story on a flight of fancy.
  • Soft suede bootie with hanging dyed pheasant feathers.
  • Strap wraps around ankle; adjustable buckle.
  • Round toe conceals 3/4" platform.
  • 4 3/4" covered heel; 4" equiv.
  • Side zip for ease of wear.
  • Made in Italy.
Heel height may vary by size.

*Source - Bergdorf Goodman

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fashion is fabulous but fashion for a cause makes me feel good; 2 birds 1 stone.  So when I heard about the Neo Soul Cafe runway show to benefit juvenile and adult diabetes awareness I was immediately excited.  When I found out shoe designer Tyler Bailey was flying up from Atlanta just to participate in the event it was a bonus.  I had the opportunity to interview the event organizer and the head of the Jadha Foundation and American Diabetes Association, Mrs. Carrie Trimmier.

(Me) How did the idea for the Neosoul Café Fashion Show come about?  Was this your first fashion showcase in CT; if so are you thinking about doing this again?

(Mrs. Trimmier) I usually do a model search competition hair fashion show but, this year I wanted to do something a little different. Believe it or not, god plays a big role in my visions and decisions. When I drive I also think. As I was driving I said Lord, I know I wanted to do the fetish for  shoes and handbag fashion show being that I have a fetish for shoes and millions of other woman but, I wanted to add a little bit more flavor to it.  As I was driving in silence I heard the voice of god say this time I got excited and called my husband “LOL” honey, I got the name, fetish for shoes and handbag Neosoul Café’ Fashion Show. No, this is not my first time it’s my 4th year. I do 2 charity fundraisers each year for my non-profit organization Jadha Foundation and American Diabetes Association.

(Me) The event was definitely unique and packed with talent.  It was more than just a fashion show but a mix of Music, Poetry, Vending and Fashion all in one night.  Was this the original idea for the event from the start or did it just come together that way?

(Lady Carrie) It was the original idea from the start. The music and poetry added that Neosoul flavor to the show. The vending was to give self owned businesses opportunity to promote their business.

(Me) You hooked me on this event with the lure of shoes and handbags and it seemed like it worked with everyone else as well.  You had a full house of ladies and their men their to support this great cause.  Would you say the event was a success?

(Lady Carrie) I must say that it was a success and appreciated each and everyone that came out to support. 

(Me) Though the event was fun we were all there for a cause.  Tell me about the Jadha Foundation and your cause to raise awareness for Juvenile & Adult Diabetes.

(Lady Carrie) Jadha Foundation for short (Juvenile & Adult Diabetes Health Awareness) spread the awareness and educates people in the community about diabetes through promoting the arts in fashion shows. We have so many people that have diabetes and not know it. Jadha assure the people that it’s ok to get tested and if you have it how to take care of yourself. 

(Me) How did you meet shoe designer Tyler Bailey?  His shoes were phenomenal; be honest which was your favorite pair (I had my eyes on those neon ones)

(Lady Carrie) I met Tyler Bailey by social networking. “LOL” to be honest, I liked them all.

(Me) Though you brought in Tyler Bailey and the hosts of the Single Ladies Café from out of state you uses mostly CT Talent for music, designers, and models.   Was this a conscious decision or simply how the chips fell?

(Lady Carrie) It was a conscious decision. Like I mentioned earlier I, wanted to add a different twist by bringing others outside of CT to be a blessing to Jadha foundation.

(Me) For those who missed the show and would like to donate or get involved with the Jadha Foundation where can they do so?

(Lady Carrie) Make checks payable to: (Juvenile & Adult Diabetes Health Awareness and Family Ministries)  c/o Lady Carrie McCrorey 49 charter oak Ave. Hartford, CT 06109 (860)424-2971   EMAIL:

(Me) What can we expect next from the Jadha Foundation?

(Lady Carrie) As we speak, Jadha Foundation is now planning for annual inspiration /gospel music and fashion show gala in November that marks diabetes month which showcase our local upcoming designers, inspiring models with and without diabetes along with children, upcoming gospel recording artist where some of the proceeds will be donated to the American Diabetes association. I started out just doing this event 4 years ago.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Zubair Runway Show by Kozby World

I can't even tell you how many fashion shows I've attended in the past year alone.  So many so that they blend together after awhile.  But there is something so exciting about the lights, glamour, excited guess, press, and of course the FASHION.  The Zubair "Rebirth of Spirits" show I attended a couple of weeks ago was one of the best fashion show productions and designers that I've seen in awhile....right here in CT.

The showcase featured designs from eyewear designer Ricky Trendy, LaMoo Designs, The Hartford Denim Company, shoe designer John Ashford, and of course the unveiling of Kozby's new Zubair collection.  As if the great fashion wasn't enough guest also enjoyed the wonderful ambiance of Hartford City Hall, live jazz vocals from Aye-Aye, African drumming courtesy of Matt & James, and decadent hors d'oeuvres.

I'm not going to lie I was most excited to see John Ashford's shoe presentation since I've admired his work for awhile now.  For those of you that don't know John Ashford is an amazing shoe designer/artist base din NYC with some of the most creative, edgy, and just craziest shoes you'll ever see.  His pieces are unique and I was fortunate to finally have the chance to meet him....full feature coming some time in 2012.

I wish I had the time to share pictures sooner but, you happens.  But don't get too excited...I've realized one of two camera sucks and I prefer taking photos with my iPhone.  Special thanks to my sister/assistant Kiki who not only puts up with my bossiness but still manages to get the job done without strangling me.  FYI.... I had to chuck many of the photos from the show away since they didn't come out well on due to lighting issues and my crap camera. But I'm always prepared so I snapped pics and took some videos with my iPad and iPhone so enjoy.

Ricky Trendy

Hartford Denim Company

LaMoo Designs

John Ashford

John Ashford

Since the majority of my photos sucked check out photos from Anton Abanador (someone who probably went to school for photography unlike the Comm. major that writes this blog) at  His photos are amazing from the event and capture the true beauty of what took place.  

Video of full Zubair collection coming soon.

Monday, July 9, 2012


It's sick that seeing these boots make me long for fall.  I mean I should be enjoying the "great" summer weather.  But the fact of the matter is Fall has always been my favorite season; especially for fashion.  You can wear a light coat or layer yourself to keep warm; in fact Fall provides the perfect opportunity to find stylish ways to stay warm and cool at the same time.

I just love these suede cutout mesh ankle boots by Azzedine.  Yes, they give me a slightly Peter Pan vibe but I like them all the same.  It can also be found in tan on sale at ( What do you guys think?

Photo source:

Boots feature olive green suede upper, curved mesh detail, lace-up front, leather insoles, 5.5' heel, and 1' platform.  Retailed at $1,235 and available at Browns Fashion.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


  I have yet to meet a woman who didn't love a good shoe, but let's be honest we don't always have it in our budget to buy every pair we like.  So, when you find a woman like Ivie Imoisili that has had the good fortune to collect over 400+ shoes you just have to sit back and admire her.  Ivie has a shoe collection that would tug at any shoe lovers heart, with bold colors, unique styles, and classic designer heels.  Her shoe closet is very pink, cute, and inviting allowing easy movement and selection of that perfect pair to go with any outfit.
Ivie has also taken her shoe love into a side profession as a brand ambassador for Just Fabulous, Kimora Lee Simmons monthly shoe membership club.  Whether it is just following her passion for collecting or sharing her love of shoes as a brand ambassador Ivie is definitely a woman after every shoe lovers heart.     My oh so fabulous editor suggested I reach out to Ivie, who is known for her massive collection, for an interview.   After weeks of playing email tag we finally got it done and know I can finally share with you her story and photos of her amazing collection. 

(Me)  Would you say you have a shoe obsession?  When, did you first realize you had a love for shoes?

(Ivie) Some would say I have a shoe obsession but I consider myself a collection of feminine footwear. I realized I had a love for shoes when I graduated from college, started working full time and could afford to buy more than a pair at a time.

(Me) Do you remember the first pair you purchased?  What were they?

(Ivie) I remember the very first pair of shoes I purchased with my own money. I just received my first paycheck from Target and went to the shoe section and bought 2 pairs of shoes for $25. Looking back, they were the ugliest pairs of shoes ever but it was my first high from a shoe purchase so they were special.

(Me) How many shoes do you have in your collection?

(Ivie) I have over 400 pairs in my collection but this summer, I made it a goal to cut my collection down by a hundred pairs and so far, I have given away over 40 pairs. I am still looking for a loving home for the remaining pairs.

(Me) How many square feet is your shoe closet?  Is it your dream closet?

(Ivie) I’m not sure of the exact square footage of my shoe closet but when I was in the market for a home, I looked for a home with one more bedroom than I actually needed because the idea was to turn a bedroom into a shoe closet, which is what I did as soon as I started the remodel on my current home. It is my dream shoe closet.

(Me)  Did any celebrity shoe closets inspire your shoe closet?

(Ivie) Surprisingly, Miley Cyrus’ closet inspired my shoe closet. I saw a picture of her closet in one of my shoe groups and I fell in love. First of all, the walls were pink… my FAVORITE color. Secondly, it was so simple, it was easy to take what I wanted and put my own spin on it.

Continue reading this interview at