Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Screw Simon...it's all about Taylor Says.  Taylor Reeves the young artist hailing from southern California channels tattooing, graffiti, punk, grunge, and kustom kulture, (to name a few) to bring high heel beauties to life.  Taylor is the originator of out of the box sole hand painted heels (there are many copy cats) so be warned.  Her shoes have been worn by celebs like  Beyonce, Rihanna, Kat VonDutch, Pamela Anderson & more.  The great thing about her shoes is that each pair can be different from the other; hell even each shoe in a pair can be different from the other.

What's great about Taylor is that she has fun with it which is apparent in the liveliness of her shoes.  I think her shoes are best worn by people who like being out of the box with their style and/or  simply like to have fun.  So, if you are looking for different, edgy, eye catching heels then look no further.  TaylorShoe prices range but are typically $250 and up; check out her Etsy page for purchase (link at end of post).

P.S. Her shoes usually have 5" - 6" heels so be prepared. You can view more pics on her page.  Enjoy!

Satin Bling similar pair worn by Pamela Anderson

Good Girl Gone Bad worn by Rihanna

You Can Ring my Bell worn by Kat VonDutch

Shiny Toy Guns worn by Beyonce

Check out Taylor's Etsy page here >> TAYLORSAYS or visit her website (www.taylorsays.com).


  1. where can i buy these please help me :)

  2. Hi Marie you can buy her shoes on her Etsy page here --> http://www.etsy.com/shop/taylorsays

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