Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dancehall Competition (Club Charisma) Hartford, CT should I start this.  I was invited to and had the pleasure of viewing a dancehall competition held last week in Hartford, CT (yeah yeah I need to post pics faster...blah!).  So I attended the event with every intention to Shoe Stalk because I know my people (Jamaicans) can were some outrageous and equally bad ass shoes.  However, I was so distracted with the activities of the event I actually forgot all about shoes...yes I know...crazy.  When you see the pics you'll understand why.  Early on thought I was able to spot some cute shoes and I have the pics below.  For the rest of the pics of the evening please see the side show (to see stills you'll have to view it on facebook page by clicking here >>> Shoe Bytch - don't forget to 'Like' the page while you're there).

Don't as me who won all I know is that it was someone from New York; it was too hot and too crowded for me to stick around and take pictures of the entire competition.  So the pics I got are the pics I got...enjoy!

The designer of these spiked beauties is Amy Brown who is pictured wearing them above. (I know you are following me on Twitter hun but I don't know your Twitter name so pass it along and I'll add it to the post).

I spotted this lovely young lady before actually entering the club. She's wearing the Neon Green Messeca's which initially I wasn't fond of but she's rocking them well!

Spotted these on a club goer and just snapped a flick.  More pics of the dancers and competition below.  

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