Sunday, March 25, 2012

Heel less Shoe Trend

I am sure many of you, like myself, have seen the heel less shoe everywhere!  I have a pair of Jeffery Campbell Night Nail shoes myself (pic below) and I must admit I was surprised to feel how comfortable they are and easy to walk in.

I first noticed heel less shoes a few years back on Lady Gaga and to be honest I didn't think they would ever catch on given their (what I thought was) impractical design.  A design created by Japanese shoe mastermind Noritaka Tatehana.  Who took the heel less design into outer space and back!   It took a few years for the heel less shoe trend to set in mostly in part I believe to the craziness of the design and most women being afraid to wear them.

Jessica Alba
Nicole Scherzinger
LeAnn Rimes
Nicole Richie
Angela Simmons wearing my favorite pair!
Keri Hilson 
Lucy Hale
 Now designers like Giuseppe Zanotti and Jeffrey Campbell have propelled the trend to the masses with more funky designs and lower prices than Tatehana.  Giuseppe's and Jeffrey Campbells take on the heel less design is still futuristic yet more wearable that the Noritaka Tatehana creations worn by Lady Gaga.  But Tatehana isn't hanging up the towel by any means look out for his new collection being released in May, 2012 to contain more edgy and galactic heel less designs...teasers below.  You can also find his work on display in museums located in Tokyo, Paris, and London at the moment.

Noritaka Tatehana exhibit in Paris

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