Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LANVIN Cutout Wedges

My love of the wedge has grown even stronger with these Lanvin cutout wedge heels.  The first caught my eye a couple weeks ago and I made a mental note to add them to site.  These shoes are eye catching, sexy, and like most wedges probably comfortable.  So if you have a long night of event hopping  (i.e. Fashion Night Out) yet needing to look chic then these babies will definitely do the trick.

Beyonce is seen below looking amazing in the September, 2011 issue of Harpar's Baazar UK.  Shoe details and purchase information at end of post.  What do you guys think?

Shoe features gold toned cutout wedge 4.5" heel, leather upper, leather lining and sole, and 2 ankle straps.  Retailed at $1,552 at Nordstrom (currently sold out) BUT they are also on Colette for $1,137 (keep in mind there will be international shipping charges that apply).

*Shoe pictures from Nordstrom*


  1. Woww! I'm definitely loving these, wedges can sometime look like bricks on your feet but these cut out wedges give the illusion of a heel! Whats the heel height?


  2. I these too! The heel height is 4.5"

  3. ME WANT THE SHOES!! *-*

    Vanesa x