Thursday, July 12, 2012

Zubair Runway Show by Kozby World

I can't even tell you how many fashion shows I've attended in the past year alone.  So many so that they blend together after awhile.  But there is something so exciting about the lights, glamour, excited guess, press, and of course the FASHION.  The Zubair "Rebirth of Spirits" show I attended a couple of weeks ago was one of the best fashion show productions and designers that I've seen in awhile....right here in CT.

The showcase featured designs from eyewear designer Ricky Trendy, LaMoo Designs, The Hartford Denim Company, shoe designer John Ashford, and of course the unveiling of Kozby's new Zubair collection.  As if the great fashion wasn't enough guest also enjoyed the wonderful ambiance of Hartford City Hall, live jazz vocals from Aye-Aye, African drumming courtesy of Matt & James, and decadent hors d'oeuvres.

I'm not going to lie I was most excited to see John Ashford's shoe presentation since I've admired his work for awhile now.  For those of you that don't know John Ashford is an amazing shoe designer/artist base din NYC with some of the most creative, edgy, and just craziest shoes you'll ever see.  His pieces are unique and I was fortunate to finally have the chance to meet him....full feature coming some time in 2012.

I wish I had the time to share pictures sooner but, you happens.  But don't get too excited...I've realized one of two camera sucks and I prefer taking photos with my iPhone.  Special thanks to my sister/assistant Kiki who not only puts up with my bossiness but still manages to get the job done without strangling me.  FYI.... I had to chuck many of the photos from the show away since they didn't come out well on due to lighting issues and my crap camera. But I'm always prepared so I snapped pics and took some videos with my iPad and iPhone so enjoy.

Ricky Trendy

Hartford Denim Company

LaMoo Designs

John Ashford

John Ashford

Since the majority of my photos sucked check out photos from Anton Abanador (someone who probably went to school for photography unlike the Comm. major that writes this blog) at  His photos are amazing from the event and capture the true beauty of what took place.  

Video of full Zubair collection coming soon.

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