Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fashion is fabulous but fashion for a cause makes me feel good; 2 birds 1 stone.  So when I heard about the Neo Soul Cafe runway show to benefit juvenile and adult diabetes awareness I was immediately excited.  When I found out shoe designer Tyler Bailey was flying up from Atlanta just to participate in the event it was a bonus.  I had the opportunity to interview the event organizer and the head of the Jadha Foundation and American Diabetes Association, Mrs. Carrie Trimmier.

(Me) How did the idea for the Neosoul Café Fashion Show come about?  Was this your first fashion showcase in CT; if so are you thinking about doing this again?

(Mrs. Trimmier) I usually do a model search competition hair fashion show but, this year I wanted to do something a little different. Believe it or not, god plays a big role in my visions and decisions. When I drive I also think. As I was driving I said Lord, I know I wanted to do the fetish for  shoes and handbag fashion show being that I have a fetish for shoes and millions of other woman but, I wanted to add a little bit more flavor to it.  As I was driving in silence I heard the voice of god say this time I got excited and called my husband “LOL” honey, I got the name, fetish for shoes and handbag Neosoul Café’ Fashion Show. No, this is not my first time it’s my 4th year. I do 2 charity fundraisers each year for my non-profit organization Jadha Foundation and American Diabetes Association.

(Me) The event was definitely unique and packed with talent.  It was more than just a fashion show but a mix of Music, Poetry, Vending and Fashion all in one night.  Was this the original idea for the event from the start or did it just come together that way?

(Lady Carrie) It was the original idea from the start. The music and poetry added that Neosoul flavor to the show. The vending was to give self owned businesses opportunity to promote their business.

(Me) You hooked me on this event with the lure of shoes and handbags and it seemed like it worked with everyone else as well.  You had a full house of ladies and their men their to support this great cause.  Would you say the event was a success?

(Lady Carrie) I must say that it was a success and appreciated each and everyone that came out to support. 

(Me) Though the event was fun we were all there for a cause.  Tell me about the Jadha Foundation and your cause to raise awareness for Juvenile & Adult Diabetes.

(Lady Carrie) Jadha Foundation for short (Juvenile & Adult Diabetes Health Awareness) spread the awareness and educates people in the community about diabetes through promoting the arts in fashion shows. We have so many people that have diabetes and not know it. Jadha assure the people that it’s ok to get tested and if you have it how to take care of yourself. 

(Me) How did you meet shoe designer Tyler Bailey?  His shoes were phenomenal; be honest which was your favorite pair (I had my eyes on those neon ones)

(Lady Carrie) I met Tyler Bailey by social networking. “LOL” to be honest, I liked them all.

(Me) Though you brought in Tyler Bailey and the hosts of the Single Ladies Café from out of state you uses mostly CT Talent for music, designers, and models.   Was this a conscious decision or simply how the chips fell?

(Lady Carrie) It was a conscious decision. Like I mentioned earlier I, wanted to add a different twist by bringing others outside of CT to be a blessing to Jadha foundation.

(Me) For those who missed the show and would like to donate or get involved with the Jadha Foundation where can they do so?

(Lady Carrie) Make checks payable to: (Juvenile & Adult Diabetes Health Awareness and Family Ministries)  c/o Lady Carrie McCrorey 49 charter oak Ave. Hartford, CT 06109 (860)424-2971   EMAIL:

(Me) What can we expect next from the Jadha Foundation?

(Lady Carrie) As we speak, Jadha Foundation is now planning for annual inspiration /gospel music and fashion show gala in November that marks diabetes month which showcase our local upcoming designers, inspiring models with and without diabetes along with children, upcoming gospel recording artist where some of the proceeds will be donated to the American Diabetes association. I started out just doing this event 4 years ago.

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