Friday, September 23, 2011

Viva VAZ Vegas - Society Room (Hartford) 6/22/2011

Last night I attended the Viva VAz Vegas event in downtown Hartford at the Society Room to help benefit the MS Society CT Chapter.  My hats off to VAz Media, LLC founders Vanessa Jennings and Alana LaFleur the event was fun with good music, food, and entertainment for guests.  For those of you who don't know VAz is a media and event planning company that organizes events that cater to us women.  As I like to call them 'Femscapes' (female escapes), events where women can go to relax, have fun, and do what we love which in my case is shopping.

Tonight there was an abundance of things to do from enjoying a fashion show with designers Zula Khramov 'Zula Studio', Janice Louise Miller 'Glaciermilk', and more; shop from 50 vendors from all across New England, Florida, and Canada; eat great food from Feng's, Dish, Peppercorn Grill, and Jerkfish; drink great wine and liqueur from Peel, XRated, ; shop for amazing vintage and contemporary clothing from Vintage Chic, Crystylin Boutique, and Vice Versa Boutique, dance to DJ LoveHer on the 1's and 2's; take photos with friends; get a massage from Body Wellness; shop for shoes by Boston designer Zack Lo; get a Henna tattoo; get your hair done by Sculptures Salons; speak to Psychic; try on hats by Everett Hoag; get your makeup done by Bobbi Brown makeup artists; watch the Michael Jackson impersonator tear up the dance floor, chat with attorney Lynette Mendoza Villa, and of course shop for clothes, accessories, and more.

Attending a VAz event is truly an experience that every woman should have. I enjoyed myself and will definitely be attending their next event in March, 2012.  You can visit them online at and

Below are some pics from the event more pics will be in the slide show at the bottom and on facebook (

The line moved fast but it was long
There was a chance for one lucky person or people to win a car

Goodie Bags : )

Line at one of the worries there were plenty of other options

Xrated mixed drinks anyone?

How about some locally made 'Peel' liqueur...the joys of free samples

Crystylin Boutique

Ms. Crystylin herself helping customers
Designer Zack Lo

Glaciermilk by Janice Louise Miller
These ladies were working hard all night up and down those stairs modeling!
It was packed and this was just downstairs in the main room!!!
But everyone was having a blast!

Everett Hoag...he makes great hats and throws hat making parties!
Painted Card Models by Brettnee Nelson
Ladies we all deserve this and this is what you get at VAz

Massage sessions by Body Wellness
Sculptures Salons making you pretty
Makeup done by Bobbi Brown cosmetics professionals
s/o to DJ LovHer who was killing all night.


That's right ya'll MJ was in the house...entertaining us all.

Joby Rogers as Michael Jackson
He was AMAZING!!!!!!!

Vintage Chic had some great pieces...I for one have become a Laree Salmon fan.
Available at Vice Versa Boutique

A couple of the many hard working Vaz Media people last night

 VAz Media, LLC
Alana LaFleur and Vanessa Jennings
More pics in slideshow:


  1. The makeup was done by Brettnee Nelson from painted by Brettnee.

  2. Great article!!! You captured the excitement!!

    Flowers provided by Always Bloomin'

    Painted Card Models by Brettnee

  3. Paintings by