Sunday, September 18, 2011

New York Fashion Night Out - 2011

Dear Diary, it's been over a week since my last blog post and I'm feeling terribly guilty for it...I've been tired and swamped at work prompting little to no time to time to catch up!

So let's get to it...New York FNO was bitter sweet for me because instead of hitting up all the spots I intended my car got hit which definitely put a damper in the night.  I didn't get to Manolo Blahnik to see the unveiling of the new SJP collaborated shoe collection. : (  However, I did find pics from the launch for you guys.

SJP is wearing a Prabal Gurong leather dress, black bolero jacket and a pair of white Manolo's 

I got to NY a bit behind schedule that night and me and my partners in crime headed straight to Lord & Taylor's, which was a mad house.  I think I must of been sprayed a trillion times by those overly aggressive perfume/cologne sales people.  Soon after my fragrance attack we headed up to the shoe department where it was a hosh posh of mostly women shoe hunting, celebrity gazing, and line waiting (I thought I had a pic of this but can't find).  Everywhere you turned there was a line for something whether it was to use your 'key' given upon entry to unlock a box which held a fabulous prize OR waiting in line to get your photo taken in an interactive photo booth OR watching Solange Knowles mixing it up on the 1's and 2's (who by the way was killing it!!!).  L & T had a lot of fun things for their shoppers.

Solange Knowles at Lord & Taylor
*Note to L&T staff next year..turn the air up or add fans to the was hot as hell in there!

The highlight of L&T for me was getting to meet shoe designers Sam and Libby Edelman.  The two were both sweethearts and unknown to me both reside in CT not too far from where I live (no I didn't get a lunch invite).  

Sam Edelman Fall 2011 Collection

Sam Edelman Fall 2011 Collection

Sam Edelman Fall 2011 Collection

There were more pics with Sam and Libby but they got deleted by mistake. : (

After L&T we tried to make it over to Giuseppe's to catch Nicki Minaj but my car got hit by Broadway and Houston and that pretty much put a hault to the FNO hopping for the night.  Everyone is okay, I wasn't at fault for once, and luckily the police were right there and saw the entire thing happen (not that them being there expedited anything I still had to wait 2 HOURS for the incident report to be written).  So here is what I missed at Giuseppe's:

Nicki wearing YSL at Giuseppe Zanotti FNO Event

Tika Sumpter getting her Giuseppe's signed
Angela Simmons and June Ambrose
Giuseppe and Angela Simmons

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