Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jen + Kim Shoes

I love the thought of having something made just for me especially a shoe!  Yes, the exclusivity is great but to me there's nothing like having a bond with a shoe that was created with me specifically in mind.  That's why when I heard about Jen + Kim custom collection shoes I was immediately in love.

The L.A. based duo and friends Jen + Kim have been designing women's shoes for 4 years and offer two great collections for shoe lovers.  Their custom collection entails the customer  choosing specific materials (i.e. style, fabric, etc...) and colors that work best with their personal wardrobe.

Some pattern choices are:

Custom collection shoe prices start at $450 but if you host a custom party where at least 6 pairs of shoes are purchase you can win a free pair.  J+K  custom parties are where a group of women are brought together along with materials and shoes styles so the guests can create their own shoe designs.  Shoes are made in the U.S. so only 4-6 weeks later each woman has their shoe party design come to life with a pair of Jen + Kim custom shoes.

Fabric from the Ivory Coast
I'm loving these latest from the J + K custom collection!!!

Here are J+K some custom collection pictures and testimonials taken from their site:

“Fantastic shoes! I have had mine for several months and was starting to feel guilty for not sharing how great they are. I’ve never had heels this high and I was impressed as to how comfortable they are….they stay on my feet all night long. One pair is simply not enough.”- Meredith, Albany, NY

“Coincidences happen for a reason. We met at a Trunk Show, a lazy Miami one, where every exhibitor ended up buying everybody else’s creations. Clothing, jewelry and all that jazz, but with shoes I cannot resist. What to chose out of that table full of Jen + Kim collection? Amazingly enough, knowing my monochrome way of dressing, I picked an understated, funky yet sophisticated multicolored suede open toe wedge. The down part of it is that the impulsive instinct of buying and wearing the shoe right away because it is exactly what you badly need and is missing from your closet, had to be sedated. But it was worth! Now they are my loyal companions in every trip I make, being Summer or Winter. Like here, with Prada cashmere socks and Ana Maria Guiulfo wool tweed pants in cold 40 rainy degrees. Can’t wait to see the new March Collection, ’cause I need a new pair.”
- Francesca Belluomini, Miami, FL

“I am a woman who loves her shoes! Last year a tragedy happened. I had a foot injury that required surgery…worse I couldn’t wear shoes. I had to wear sneakers for a long time. Then I had a wedding to go to. I couldn’t very well go to a wedding in sneakers! My doctor said I can start wearing shoes but they couldn’t have a heel yet. Jen and Kim designed a shoe for me that was flat, stylish, and most importantly padded to perfection. I looked great, felt great and was able to go on the dance floor without kicking off my shoes. When they say they will custom make your shoes…they do what you want and need. I love Jen and Kim shoes!”- Hillary, Westbury, NY

“I never had a shoe fetish until I got my first pair of Jen and Kim shoes. Now I own 3 pairs.”- Jackie, San Diego, CA

Check out their custom collection website at:

As if having your own custom shoe wasn't great enough Jen + Kim partnered with Coloriffics a year ago to launch their own bridal collection.  The collection includes 12 pairs of shoes with some pairs including chiffon, beads, feathers, and jeweled embellishments.  The styles range from the classic pump, strappy sandals, wedges, slip on's and more.  Shoes from the Jen + Kim for Coloriffics line is available in 50 E-tail sites which can be found at See a snap shot of the Jen + Kim bridal collection below:

Some of my favs are the:
I've had the pleasure of corresponding with the designers over the past few weeks and had the opportunity to pick their brain a little.  When asked about a mens collection Kim mentioned that it's crossed their minds but their focus and specialty is with us ladies in both of their women's collections.  As of now both Jen + Kim are diligently working on tapping further into the bridal market with their Jen+Kim for Coloriffics line along with driving awareness of their custom collection across the nation.  You can find both their collections on facebook by joining their fb group Jen + Kim Shoes and their 'Like' page for their bridal line Jen + Kim for Coloriffics.