Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BaBoo BEAUTIFUL Shoe Storage Units

Seriously...I love this and I soooooooooooo want this for Christmas!!!!  In a nutshell BaBoo Shoe is a magical storage unit for your shoes. Okay maybe it doesn't have real magic, but the gloss coating, inner lighting, tinted glass, remote control, angled shelves, sliding doors, and glass tops definitely gives off a magical vibe.  The cabinets come in two colors black and white and in 2 sizes (55 pairs and 25 pairs) - in addition both sizes also hold bags and boots.  (The glass top ones pictured below are called the 'Carrie' - how fitting.)

If you love your show collection and would like to show it off elegantly consider getting a BaBooShoe cabinet; I know I am.  How many cabinets would you need for your collection?