Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sani Auri Spring / Summer 2012 Pre-View at Zula's

Last week Saturday I had the pleasure of attending and Shoe Stalking at the S/S 2012 Sani Auri line by up and coming Connecticut designer Carmen Veal at the trendy Zula's Restaurant.  The fun and flirty Sani Auri Ready-to-Wear line was just what I expected.  The line is perfect for the young professional woman that likes to attend a Happy Hour or 2 during the week.

Though I was there to mostly check out the shoes the pieces I was able to catch were filled with classy sleek cuts and exuberant patterns.  To make sure the pieces and accessories flowed together nicely the inFAMOUS celebrity stylist Ricky 'Trendy' Da'Vista was in attendance to put his signature stamp on the models.  Below are some pics that I managed to catch in between my hob knobbing *note to self focus more on actually taking pics*.

Kristin 'Boss Bitch' Hopkins (

Peep the Sam Edelmans on the right : )

Ricky 'Trendy' Da'Vista

Designer Carmen Veal

For more information about Sani Auri please visit or  For more information about Ricky Trendy please visit or Twitter: @ctstylist.

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