Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lucite Shoe Trend...I see thru you!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately dolls I've been in the works of launching my own shoe retail site which I'm ubber excited about! Details coming soon but for know let's discuss this Lucite trend...

Lucite shoes made a come back on the shoe scene well over a year ago forcing women, who like to slack off on their toe game during the winter to spring transition, to bump up their pedi appointments. I for one love the trend especially the Lucite chunky and wedge heels.

I love the illusion of floating or walking on a piece of glass the Lucite heel provides and when coupled with a sleek design a pair of Lucite shoes can give you both a hard and soft appeal. But more importantly, I love that the trend has essentially 'upgraded' what once was an attribute of skanky stripper shoes to acceptable high-end fashion.

So here are my skanky stripper high-end Lucite shoe pics : )

'Olin Platform' by Jeffrey Campbell - $155

'Strappy Blade Wedge Pump' by Casadei for Prabal Gurung - $930

'Scalloped Strapped Wedge' by Lanvin - $1,590

'Lucite Studded Platform Sandal' by Versace - $890

'Roni' by Jeffrey Campbell - $204

'Naked Rockstud' by Valentino - $1,295

'Tara' by Miista - $225

'Zizzle' by Jeffrey Campbell - $254.95

'Dina' by Jeffrey Campbell - $154.95

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