Friday, December 14, 2012

Dreaming In Heels with Olga Czarkowski

When I first heard of the woman who walked the Great Wall of China in heels I thought to myself she must of been crazy.  However, after interviewing this extraordinary woman I realized not only was she sane but inspirational.  Olga Czarkowski is a shoe lover, like most of us women, but she has used her passion for footwear to inspire other aspects of her life.  For instance, Olga's PR company focuses on branding and parrallels the same positive image enhancing effects a pair of heels can have.  Whether it is business or for personal motivation it is undeniable that the impact of wearing a pair of shoes that make you feel sexy and confident can have, on not only, your image but your demeanor.

I personally believe we can draw energy from any living or inanimate thing around us, as long as, we have assigned some meaning to it.  Energy is said to flow up; so what better source to pull from than your shoes?  Your shoes make you feel a number of things (sexy, smart, sensible, trendy, risky, unique, etc...) so we all need to tap into this energy as a source to get what we want out of life.  Don't be afraid of your own as they say if the shoe fits wear it - go get a drink - dance your a$$ off - and laugh about it in the morning.

Olga is the embodiment of a confident, successful, and driven entrepreneur who knows what she wants and who she is.  Crazy? No. Adventurous? Maybe. Shoe Lover? Hell Yes!

(SBWhat is the mission statement of Dreams in Heels PR?

(O) "Reflecting our dedication to elite imagery and top notch professional service, DREAMS in HEELS PR will captivate and materialize your vision, preserve the quality of your image and launch your brand to the highest of heights"
Our Tag Line:  Just like you need the perfect shoes to enhance your outfit! We are that perfect PR Firm to enhance your image…

(SB) Would you say you have a shoe obsession?  When, did you first realize you had a love for shoes?

(O) I do not think that I have a shoe obsession, or who knows maybe I do (wink) Maybe this is why I do everything in heels, plus I named my company Dreams in Heels PR… since my mantra is I am living my dreams in heels.

(SB) Do you remember the first pair you purchased?  What were they?

 (O) I do not remember which one was the first pair of heels I purchased, but I do recall the first heel that I wore; it was a high stiletto that I got from my mom’s closet when I was like 2 or 3 years old.

(SB) So I have to ask, how many shoes do you have in your collection?

(O) Over 200 pair…

(SB) If you could take a walk in the shoe closet of anyone else who would it be and why?

 (O) I would love to go to Imelda Marcos shoe museum actually…. I really would love to explore all the designs, colors and styles she has. Also, Mariah Carey’s closet and I hope that we are the same shoe size so I can borrow some heels too.

(SB) Do you have a system in your shoe closet? (How are they organized)?

(O) I actually would love to have a bigger closet, or should I say, a room or an apartment for my shoes (wink). I usually divide them by colors, but many of them are in boxes or in different space saving bags due to the lack of space.

(SB) So a little birdie told me you walked the Great Wall of China in heels.  Which pair were they and what possessed you to do it?

 (O) Actually I walked the Great Wall of China in 4 inch black wedges, the most comfortable I could find. I cannot walk in flats, it is too uncomfortable for me. The heels make me feel more powerful and confident with each step.

(SBDid you plan on taking the excursion in heels or did it just happen?  How long did it take you?

 (O) Yes, I planned to walk the Great Wall because I would not feel comfortable in anything else. The whole excursion was 3 hours or more. The staircases were unbelievable because they were uneven. All I could think of was how this was made by the hands of the Chinese people, but it did make going up and down more challenging.

(SB) Who are your top three favorite shoe designers?

(O) Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, and Steve Madden.

(SBWhat’s the most you’ve spent on one pair?

(O) For me the price is not the important thing, it is how the shoe looks and feels. I believe that a shoe does not have to be a brand name nor the most expensive to look good on me and to match my outfit.

(SB) Do you have a favorite pair; if so which ones?

(O) Hmmm, I have so many shoes that it is hard to tell, but I do love a teal pair that has silk wraps that go around my legs. Also, for my every day fashionable business attire, I love an Italian leather pair that I have in black and white. I think the shoes and the accessories make the outfit, so all my shoes have a day where they become my favorites.

(SBWhat quote would you like to leave our readers with, and what takeaway would you like them to receive from reading this article?

(O) "Sometimes you have to leave the things that you have become use to in order to obtain what you really want in life" This is the quote that defines why I left my island of Puerto Rico at the age of 18 years old. I needed to make my dreams a reality and quickly realized that I had to leave behind my family, my home. My journey has not been easy, but, like my favorite writer Paulo Coelho says: "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it" I strongly believe in these words, they motivate and have a great hand in my success so far as an woman entrepreneur.

I want to leave a strong message written by me for all of the other inspiring women entrepreneurs out there, "Always have faith in yourself!!! Do not only rebrand your business, but rebrand that amazing and special human being you are!! Reinvent your inside, your mind and your soul...

Olga and Dreams In Heels she can be reached at:
Email: or
Phone: 9172242880
Google Plus: Dreams in Heels PR

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