Saturday, June 9, 2012

NAEL COCE Fashion & Comfort for the Everyday Woman

          Since the invention of heels women have been forced to choose between fashion and comfort.  Many times we choose the former and suffer through an endless night of shifting our weight from foot to foot.  Well ladies chemist, environmental engineer, and fashion enthusiast Sheena Young has developed the solution to our problem with her line of eco friendly shoes; the Ambi Collection.  According to Young's website ( the Ambi Collection features two shoes in one "a four-inch convertible high heel that has a comfortable, odor resistant, antibacterial insole that becomes a flat. The shoes, made from environmentally safe synthetic materials, have a distinctive green sole."  That's right, not only are Young's shoes cute and comfortable but they are also safe for the environment!!! 
          I reached out to Young and her team recently and I was able to land an interview with the talented designer.  Young shared with me her views into the past, present and future of Nael Coce and all I can say are big things are in the works.

(Me) Customers are definitely getting a 2 in 1 deal with your shoes and we love it!  Tell me when, how, and what inspired you to begin Nael Coce?
(Young) In 2010, I was at a NYE party when my feet began to hurt in my heels. I am extremely germaphobic so I usually suffer through the pain. But that night I took off my shoes for the first time. So I decided to brainstorm a solution. With my chemistry and material science background I decided to use an antibacterial fiber for the insole and earth friendly materials for the shoes.
(Me) How would you describe the Nael Coce woman / consumer?
(Young) A Nael Coce woman is every woman. She’s the working woman, college student, and stay-at home mom who has an occasional “girls’ night out”. She’s all age groups.

 (Me) Explain your ultimate vision for Nael Coce?
(Young) Nael Coce hopes to become available in large retail stores across the country such as Nordstrom and Macys. We then hope to expand our brand globally and be a recognizable name to all women.
(Me) What was it like seeing your creation featured on CBS Atlanta?
(Young) It was unreal to see something that I have worked so hard on finally featured on the news of one of the nation’s major fashion cities. It was a great kick-off to bringing exposure to my brand. I hope to see my shoes featured on a nationally broadcasted show in the near future. So look for Nael Coce on the Today Show next. (wink)

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