Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stylist Nolan Wells presents The Wild One's

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a live presentation by local celebrity wardrobe stylist Nolan Wells. The event, entitled The Wild One's, showcased Nolan's F/W 2012 style picks inspired by the late 80's grunge era and rock idols like The Cars and Journey. The show was held at the world famous Basketball Hall of Fame located in Springfield, MA. Wells also donated a portion of the event proceeds to Naim Mafuz a Springfield high school teen who was in a prom night 2010 car accident that left him paralyzed. Friends, family, fashion lovers, and local press came out by the dozens to support hometown sweet heart and ubber talented Wells.

The show was a hit with a mix of major designers like Gucci and Prada and upcoming designers like Everett Hoag, Zack Lo, and Mama Iguana's. With this showcase Wells was able to make his vision a reality; in his own words:

 "My goal for this show was to mix edgy street wear with many patterns to glamourous gowns edged up to hit the streets.  For men I chose bulky flight jackets with heavy boots and light weight plaids for the waist. I mixed a variety of wide brim hats with less traditional flight hats. For the ladies, I mixed great dresses layered up for that warm effect. I used more of a current fashion, the Turban to bring the today flare to the looks."

I was also able to catch Wells after the show as well to ask him some questions about the event and his future plans (video below).  I've added the Q&A below as well in print since it's a bit hard to hear his response int he video (note to self invest in an iPad microphone).  Also, excuse the 50 millions times I say "Awesome!" in the interview...technically it was my 2nd time giving an interview so I'm working on it.  : )

Me: "You just finished your show; how do you feel?"
Nolan: "I'm very happy I think it came out great. I like to think about positive things and not what could have been better. So I think with that said I feel like I did a good job and everything came out the way I'd hoped."

Me: "When did you first fall in love with fashion?"
Nolan: "High school senior year I got the opportunity to style a show there at my school so I decided to try it out and that was my first show.  That's when I really fell in love with fashion and then being a stylist."

Me: "Talk about some of the people that you've styled for recently."
Nolan: "Recently Karina Smirnoff [Dancing with The Stars] is my client right now. I'm also going to be styling Justin Krinoll [sp] he's a new artist coming out; I'm working with him so I'm really looking forward to that and also some other opportunities."

Me: "Have you ever thought about designing or anything like that?"
Nolan: "I have, right now I want to accomplish being a stylist and then move forward and do maybe accessories and shoes."

Me: " So, what's next for Nolan Wells?"
Nolan: "Next I'll be moving. Not sure where yet I'm looking in L.A. and in New York.  But I'll definitely be moving and I'll be opening up a company and a show room wherever I move."

Tell me you didn't just fall in love with him after that video...I did.  I'm really impressed with Nolan and everything he's done as such a young age.  Mark my words he's going keep and eye out for him fashion lovers.

Picture time!  Please check out the some pictures my oh so multi-talented assistant (@Ki-Labella) was able to get at the show (at end of post).