Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3rd Annual Ricky Trendy Fashion Show (3/10/2012)

Last Saturday I (along with a few hundred other people) witnessed fashion like it's never been done before in CT at the Ricky Trendy Fashion Show held at Bill Millers Castle (Branford, CT). There were chandeliers, tons of press, beautiful guests, and celebs like ANTM contestant Bianca Golden, Buckey from FOL and Charm School, author Tionna Smalls from WCW, and Baseball Wives Brooke Villone. Of course I was most excited to see the first runway showing for Spiked Intuition by Ashlei Banks.

Ashlei Banks, for those of you that don't know, is an up and coming shoe designer that currently provides custom shoe embellishing. She also has a fashion blog that you must check out (
Ashlei Banks
Spiked Intuition
Spiked Intuition
So I pretty much had a one track mind at the show... What is everyone wearing on their feet! Below are some random crowd shoe pics (more event pics in slide show).

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  1. Ashlei is so amazing with a Unique touch! She added her beautiful touch to my shoes & I had tears in my eyes just from the packaging! Then when I opened the box the tears fell lol. I fell in love with my shoes & defiantly will be purchasing another pair!!