Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm not sure if I just have an affinity to things bright canary yellow [*Flashback* like when I got the nickname Sunshine freshman year of high school because of that God awful day I wore a pair of bright yellow baggy jeans (it was back when TLC first came out and it was "cool" for girls to wear baggy boyish clothes) ahhhhh to be young again! *End of Flashback*], but I just love these Michael Antonio 70's inspired cutout platform sandals.  I'm not sure if I could pull them off per-se but I'd definitely try them on to give them a whirl (side bar that's the only downer to online shopping).  But me likey!  Let me know what you guys think...do they look too "Hey look at me"...too "I killed Big Bird to make these shoes"...??

P.S. They also come in Black, Blue and Taupe.

Gallista - $169 at Heels

Sandals feature cutout upper design, hidden zip closure at heel, tassel on zipper, 5.5" chunky heel, and 2.5" platform.


  1. I keep forgetting how absolutely fabulous this blog is. My hats off to whoever is curating these fabulous finds.

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