Friday, November 4, 2011


In a world where every shoe (it seems) is now embellished to no end with rhinestones, studs, spikes, crystals there is only one King.  These shoes aren't for the weak or the timid BUT for those that laugh in the face of danger...ha ha ha (I'm in a silly mood tonight).   If you're wondering how you can even walk in some of these shoes please keep in mind some of them are for editorial use only.  Most of the shoes below you have to contact Gasoline Glamour directly for a price at ( the first 3 can also be found at Patricia Field.

The GG style is exaggerated glam to say the least pushing the envelope in every piece taking their shoes to the very edge of sanity.  Personally, I think they've already jumped off the edge and though I may not wear every one of these pairs I dig them.  So let the GG overload begin...

Studded Booties $3,700 - $4,300 (

Chiquita Spike $3,000 - $3,600 (

Vanity Mirror $1,500 - $1,700 (

Holy Mary Boots

Pussy Kat Kill Thigh High

Russian Diamonds (non-spiked bottom is available)
Lady Pumps
Dragon Pumps
Rocket Queen
Holy Mother Pumps...LOVE THESE!!!
Gold Digger......YESSSSS
Danger Shoe (Yep that's a sword by the heel you aren't seeing things)


  1. Those are just insane!! Creative but insane.

  2. I would definetly wear a few, those Dragon Pumps!!Love, love, love!!!